Environmental, social and governance Considerations
Our vision is to invest for a better future. We want to make a difference for our clients, society and the wider world – while also delivering financial returns.
Environmental, social and governance Considerations
There are two main types. First are private assets such as private equity, private credit, infrastructure and private real estate.
Our Commitment
By putting ESG factors at the heart of our investment process, we believe we can generate better outcomes for our clients.
Our Commitment
While we've been speaking with companies for years on sustainability issues, this year we've intensified our focus and dialogue with companies facing material climate- and sustainability-related risks.
Responsible Investing
Responsible investing is about delivering value for clients. Our approach falls into two areas. At the investment stage, we use ESG factors to help decide where best to invest.
Responsible Investing
Responsible investment is an approach to investment that explicitly acknowledges the relevance to the investor of environmental, social and governance factors, and of the long-term health and stability of the market as a whole.

Active Equities

As a fiduciary investor, we work on hehalf of our clients, the asset owners.

Enganging With Companies

We emphasize direct dialogue with companies on governance issues that have a material impact on sustainable long-term financial performance.

Using Our Vote

We perform independent research and analysis, carefully arriving at proxy vote decisions, including the re-election of directors, that are consistent with our voting guidelines and that we believe are in the best long-term economic interest of our clients.

Promoting Thought Leadership

We engage on public policy issues and participate in market-level dialogue to contribute to the development of policies and practices that support stwardship, long-term investing and sustainable shareholder returns.

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Responsible Investing

Why Choose Us

Our ESG approach to equity investing

We believe that ESG factors are financially material and can impact a company’s performance – either positively or negatively. Understanding ESG risks and opportunities, alongside other financial metrics, is therefore an intrinsic part of our research process.

We actively engage with the companies in which we invest. We combine information from these meetings with the insights of our investment managers, ESG equity analysts and central ESG investment team. This comprehensive approach means we can build a richer, more holistic view of each company. It also means we can consistently evaluate one company against another.

This approach is all part of our responsible stewardship of our clients’ assets – helping us mitigate risks, unlock opportunities and enhance long-term returns.

Many insights
Rigorous and collaborative research, shared across our global research platform, allows us to generate our best investment ideas.
Diverse outcomes
The scope of our research means we can offer a wide range of investment outcomes.
Responsible investors
We believe that in-depth analysis of ESG risks and opportunities, combined with active engagement with company management, enhances risk-adjusted returns.
Good Experience
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Where We Stand

Sustainable Solutions

We build investment products that can do more than grow your money. Align your investments to your values with funds that support ESG considerations.

Corporate Sustainability

We put an unwavering focus on long-term sustainability and ensure it's embedded across our entire business.

Investment Stewardship

We engage with companies to inform our voting and promote sound corporate governance that is consistent with sustainable long-term value creation.


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